Get Inside Your Client’s Mind

Wouldn't freelancing be so much easier if we could read our clients' minds? Then we wouldn't need to hem and haw about our quotations, worrying if our fees are too high or that our clients can't afford them. Or too low so that we look like sub-par freelancers. Neither would we second-guess our work, wasting precious minutes and energy wondering if it's good enough. If we could read our clients' minds we … [Read more...]

A Freelancer’s Guide to Dealing with Difficult People

Does being a freelancer mean that you no longer deal with difficult people at work? At first glance, it may seem so. As freelancers, many of us work by ourselves (or at least, we are not in an office surrounded by other people). The challenges of dealing with Joe who makes loud personal calls from the next cubicle while you are trying to work or with Susie who hogs the copying machine to make personal … [Read more...]