Reasons to Fire Your Client

It's something we don't like to admit very often is it? No matter how great of a freelancer we are, no matter how fantastic your contracts and vetting process is, you'll ultimately end up with a client you feel that you can no longer work with. Hopefully, you've protected yourself so that these occurrences are rare, but no matter how rare, they're never easy nor pretty. As well as I think my personal vetting … [Read more...]

When Clients Attack

OK, the title is probably a bit over-dramatic. I’m actually talking about the situation when a client disagrees with or criticizes your approach to a project. You’ve done the best you can, but the client isn’t happy. Sooner or later, a client 'attack' is something that happens to nearly every freelancer. As a freelancer, how do you deal with that delicate situation--without endangering the … [Read more...]

The Worst Freelance Project Ever

A lot of us complain about our clients. They're too demanding, too nitpicky, late with materials or late with payments. Thankfully, the majority of our clients and projects tend to go pretty smoothly, otherwise none of us would want to be in business anymore! Every once in awhile we come across one of those nightmare clients you read about online and wonder if someone could really be like that. The sad, sad … [Read more...]