7 Ways to Summon the Courage to Say “No”

What do you do when a freelancing project just isn't right for you? Do you turn it down, or do you take it anyway? Most freelancers already understand that they should say "no" to some clients. But often we freelancers just keep on saying "yes" when we know that we shouldn't. Here on Freelance Folder, we've explained when to say "no" and even provided some guidelines for saying "no." Why do we do it? … [Read more...]

Two Special Words that Will Make Your Clients See You Differently

What if there were two words that you could use that would help you get along better with current clients and also improve your chances of getting new ones? Would you want to make use of those words? Of course you would... It almost sounds too good to be true, but guess what? There actually are two words that can help improve your client relations and help you get new clients. What's more, you've probably … [Read more...]

Open Thread: Do You Accept Rush Work?

Some freelancers dread them. Other freelancers welcome them as a way to make extra money. I'm talking about those last-minute jobs with impossible deadlines that freelancers are sometimes asked to do--otherwise known as "rush work." There are several approaches that a freelancer can take towards rush work. … [Read more...]

Why You Are Losing Clients (How to Stop)

We spend a lot of time on Freelance Folder talking about marketing. That is because good marketing is very important to a freelancer's success. It is important to get those clients in the door and signed up for your products or services if you are going to earn enough to really support yourself as a freelancer. For some freelancers, though, that "in" door is actually a revolving door. If this is you, it may … [Read more...]

Mastering the Art of Client Relations

How comfortable are you with your clients? Do you feel like you understand what they need and want? Would you rate your communication with your clients as being excellent? Do you think they would come to you for ideas? Are you the first freelancer that your clients turn to when they need something done? If you're like most freelancers, you probably don't know your clients very well. You do your best to … [Read more...]

An (Unofficial) Client Rating Scale

As a freelancer, I have witnessed many different relationships that my peers and I have with our clients. Some clients we love, while others we rant endlessly about. Some freelancers badmouth their most difficult clients, while others only sing the praises of their favorites. But, we all know that without clients we would not be able to support our freelance businesses. Therefore, we must learn to work with, … [Read more...]