11 Reasons to Believe in Your Freelancing Client

I admit it. I've been lucky. The number of good clients that I've worked for far outweighs the number of bad clients that I've worked for. We freelancers love to gripe about bad clients. That's why sites like Clients from Hell are so popular. Even on Freelance Folder, our post on 10 Types of Bad Clients and How to Avoid Them attracted nearly 100 comments. Don't get me wrong. Bad clients are out there. They … [Read more...]

What Would You Do If Your Project Changed Ownership?

While most freelancers would probably like to work for a large company, the truth is that a lot of freelancing gigs come through small to medium-sized companies. Often, these companies change hands--sometimes in the course of a project. What's a freelancer to do when the company they are working for changes ownership? Client ownership changes are common in the freelancing world. It's happened to me, not … [Read more...]

How to Cushion “Bad” News and Keep Your Client Relationship

If you've been reading Freelance Folder for a while, you already know that the client isn't always right. In fact, sometimes the client is wrong--very wrong. Just because the client is wrong doesn't mean that you should always dump the client, though. Not all clients who are wrong are demons from hell. In fact, most of them are good people who you probably want to continue to maintain a professional … [Read more...]

Doing the Little Things to Please Clients

Read any post on this site and you'll find a million dos and don'ts of how to treat clients and how to go the extra mile to please them. In my experience, I've noticed something strange--clients are more likely to notice the little extra things you do for them than the big ones. I've always been a strong supporter of not doing any spec work and I always charge the client for work outside of the contract. … [Read more...]