Two Special Words that Will Make Your Clients See You Differently

What if there were two words that you could use that would help you get along better with current clients and also improve your chances of getting new ones? Would you want to make use of those words? Of course you would... It almost sounds too good to be true, but guess what? There actually are two words that can help improve your client relations and help you get new clients. What's more, you've probably … [Read more...]

Top 3 Ways I Find Clients

Finding clients is one of the biggest challenges for any freelancer. Even when you're fully booked, you need to have your sights set on the future--after you finish your current projects. In the ideal world, clients and projects will come in a steady stream. However, for most freelancers, the more common experience is that described as "feast or famine." You're either so booked that you barely have time to … [Read more...]

How to Find Your First Client

Once you become better known in your profession, clients will constantly come to you instead of you looking for them. You'll often be so busy with work and won't need to market yourself as often. But, what do you do when you're just starting out or not well known? Before you begin getting clients, it can be tough to figure out what to do all day. That's the perfect time to make yourself well known. Finding … [Read more...]

The Best of FreelanceFolder: Our Top 10 Resources for Getting Clients

Nearly all freelancers face the problem of finding new clients. Whether you're just getting started as a freelancer, or you've been freelancing for decades: getting clients is the backbone of any business. Over the years at FreelanceFolder we've written dozens (if not hundreds) of articles on how to get clients, how to find better clients, and how to keep clients coming back for more. As our way to kick off … [Read more...]

It’s Client Week at FreelanceFolder!

You've spoken and we've listened. Getting clients is one of the most common problems that freelancers face, and here at FreelanceFolder we're making it our duty to help you meet that challenge. As a way to honor this commitment and to celebrate the upcoming launch of The Client Machine (our new client-getting product), we're going to do an entire week of articles about getting clients. Whether it's finding … [Read more...]