What You Should Say to Your Client When Their Payment Is Delinquent

Even if you have had a successful run with the most appreciative, responsible and compassionate clients in the history of freelancing, you will almost certainly eventually have a client who takes a payment to the point of Past Due. When this happens, it births a situation ripe with potential for all kinds of problems if not handled correctly. In this post, we will look at some ways to get that late payment into … [Read more...]

Ten Plus Ways to Help You Get Paid

It's the one thing that every freelancer dreads--collecting a payment from a delinquent clients. No freelancer ever wants to have to pick up the phone and call a client to ask about a late payment. Yet, sooner or later, many of us are faced with a client who doesn't pay us on time. It's normal, I think, to procrastinate in such circumstances. You tell yourself that the check will be in tomorrow's mail, but in … [Read more...]