5 Kick-Ass Tips To Build A Strong Rapport With Your Clients

If you look up the word ' rapport ' in the dictionary, it means presence of harmony, trust and cooperation in a relationship. As a freelancer, when you are working with a client on a project, it's important to understand that your relationship with the client isn't just limited to that project which you are working on. It could go well beyond that and could benefit you in the long run. Hence if you think … [Read more...]

Should You Tattle On A Bad Client?

I frequent a lot of forums and blogs where freelancers post. As I read through the forum and blog posts, I often find that other freelancers have posted complaints about the actions of clients or former clients. Usually the posting is done in such a way that the client cannot be identified, but sometimes a client’s name is actually mentioned in the post. By complaining publicly about their clients, these … [Read more...]

Tricks For Dealing With Difficult Clients

If you work as a freelancer difficult clients are as common as stars in a cloudless night. Okay, you shouldn't take my poetic analogy too literally, but still once in a while you end up working for a client who you wish didn't exist in the scheme of the universe. But the sad reality is that there are all sorts of clients for whom you have to work because they are an integral part of your work and if you … [Read more...]

Effective Communication With The Non-Creative and Non-Technical Folks

It is very common to hear people say their last client was a pain, or that he didn't "get it", or "it looks ugly now because the guy wanted me to change this and that". Yes, I'm guilty, I said stuff like that many times before. But I probably shouldn't have, and instead apply what I've learned from working in sales and marketing (5 years). It's usually the result of misinterpretation and a lack of … [Read more...]

Your Clients: Dealing With Drivers And Passengers

A recent web design client of mine made a statement that really stuck with me. The project is just now starting up, and (about a previous designer they worked with) they said: With our old designer, we were really the ones telling him what to do. And that's no good, because we don't know anything. We need someone who is going to tell us what to do. Needless to say, I smiled because that's exactly what I do. … [Read more...]