Are You Managing Your Email Or Ignoring Your Clients?

One of the first things you do when you start freelancing is set up ways for your clients to communicate with you. You might have a website with a contact form. You probably have an email (or five). A cell number? Sure, why not? The work starts coming in. At first, it's a trickle, then a steady stream and soon a flood. Now you're into scheduling and planning, trying to fit everything in. You might use some … [Read more...]

Effective Communication With The Non-Creative and Non-Technical Folks

It is very common to hear people say their last client was a pain, or that he didn't "get it", or "it looks ugly now because the guy wanted me to change this and that". Yes, I'm guilty, I said stuff like that many times before. But I probably shouldn't have, and instead apply what I've learned from working in sales and marketing (5 years). It's usually the result of misinterpretation and a lack of … [Read more...]