How to Deal with Bizarre Content Requests as a Freelance Writer

While writers are often stereotyped as being antisocial and bizarre, sometimes the work writers are assigned is even more so. As a writer, offbeat requests can include interviewing artists nonstop at a concert without any scheduled breaks, being asked to change a write-up of an interviewee just to keep the peace, writing about an uncomfortable topic, or writing about something you've never even heard of. … [Read more...]

How to Find Your Unique Writing Style

As bloggers, writers and authors we need to find a unique edge over other people to stand out from the crowd. But, what is the one thing you have that nobody else possesses, which you can use to have an advantage over your competitors in your industry? Yep! It's your personality--a unique mixture of your life experiences, values and talent. How do you cultivate your personality in your writing so that … [Read more...]

Why Your Writing Matters – and How You Can Improve

Maybe you're a freelance writer. But even if you're not--you're a designer, or a programmer, or a photographer, say--then your writing still matters. In this post, I'll explain why your writing is important (even if you're not a freelance writer). I'll also share nine quick tips that will help you improve your writing. … [Read more...]