Why Crowdsourcing Isn’t All About Spec Work Anymore

There’s always controversy surrounding crowdsourcing. Many people think that it means getting a lot of people to do something for nothing. But as the crowdsourcing industry evolves, there are many companies that look at crowdsourcing as a new way to approach work. In this post, I'll discuss what crowdsourcing is and explain how the new hybrid crowdsource agencies have evolved away from the spec model. I'll … [Read more...]

5 Ways Crowdsourcing Can Help You Make Some Money

It seems like a lot of tech and business publications are talking about crowdsourcing these days. But, what is crowdsourcing? Do you know? Could it impact you as a freelancer? Is it the future of projects? In this post, we'll briefly explain about what crowdsourcing is and how it works. We'll also share five crowdsourcing sites that you may wish to explore. … [Read more...]