What Hoops Will You Jump Through for Your Clients?

We freelancers go to great lengths to keep our clients happy. After all, we want to be known for providing excellent customer service. So we usually do our best to meet client requests--even that means jumping through some hoops to keep the client satisfied. However, some customer requests are just plain unreasonable. This post describes some "hoops" that aren't worth jumping through--even to make a client … [Read more...]

First-Class Service: How to Spot What Clients Really Need

Miscommunication is a peril that we have to work to avoid in our daily lives not just as freelancers, but as people. Often you may think you've successfully communicated with someone and understood what it is that they want or expect and it is not until much later on that you realize what they said and what they really want are not one and the same. Maybe you have experienced this with a client while setting … [Read more...]

Want More Gigs? Try Walking in Your Client’s Shoes…

Would you like to get more repeat business, positive references, referrals, and be genuinely appreciated by your clients? Of course you would. What freelancer wouldn't like to get more gigs? Even if you are very busy right now, it's always good to get a positive reference from a client. But how can you accomplish this? How can you get more business from clients and make a favorable impression on … [Read more...]

Two Special Words that Will Make Your Clients See You Differently

What if there were two words that you could use that would help you get along better with current clients and also improve your chances of getting new ones? Would you want to make use of those words? Of course you would... It almost sounds too good to be true, but guess what? There actually are two words that can help improve your client relations and help you get new clients. What's more, you've probably … [Read more...]

Doing the Little Things to Please Clients

Read any post on this site and you'll find a million dos and don'ts of how to treat clients and how to go the extra mile to please them. In my experience, I've noticed something strange--clients are more likely to notice the little extra things you do for them than the big ones. I've always been a strong supporter of not doing any spec work and I always charge the client for work outside of the contract. … [Read more...]

Grow Your Freelance Business With Killer Customer Service

In these days of automated phone answering, online bill payments and support, and countless other technology-based, personality-disconnected offerings, quality customer service can often be hard to find. I've written previously about the opportunities our society can provide for freelancers. In this post we will focus on the elements of killer customer service freelancers can use to grow their business and keep … [Read more...]

Know Your Clients: How To Build Loyalty With Customer Surveys

Do you know what do your clients think about you? Many clients won't even tell you if they are unhappy, instead they'll simply stop using your services. You may never find out that anything was wrong. Loyal customers are important to your success as a freelancer. Even if a particular client no longer needs your services, you want him or her to to speak favorably about your business. One way to keep … [Read more...]