How to Work with a Virtual Assistant: A Guide for Freelancers

As business owners, freelancers will at some point consider working with a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is similar to the traditional office or administrative assistant. However, the main difference is that a virtual assistant doesn't have to be physically present in your freelancing home office. You may work with one for years and never meet him or her face to face. Why would a freelancer need a … [Read more...]

8 Apps to Help You Back Up Your Data

Your income, peace of mind, and relationship with your clients depends on how well your work data is secured. Recently, I wrote about why securing your computer data is extremely important for freelancers. As a follow-up to that post, I've compiled a number of data security solutions based on recommendations from other freelancers. … [Read more...]

Five Useful Ways Dropbox Can Improve Your Business

What would you do if something happened to your computer? Say, it caught fire, was stolen, or got drenched in your latte? If you were using a good backup solution you could just keep on working, otherwise you could be in a lot of trouble. For those of you who don't already have a backup and file sharing solution in place, you'll want to learn more about Dropbox. A computer-savvy client introduced me to … [Read more...]