Are Bidding Websites Good for Freelancers to Use?

Is “bid” a dirty word? If so, no one told me until I had already started the dirty task of bidding. Now, people ask me all the time: Are those bidding websites (e.g., oDesk, Project4Hire and Elance) legit? Seasoned writers often look down their noses at me and say in a snarky tone, “You bid on jobs?” And writers who are just getting started ask me if these sites are scams. Yes, they are legit. Yes, I bid. … [Read more...]

How to Use Elance and Guru to Land That Client Every Time

I know that a lot of seasoned old professionals prefer not to use sites like Guru and Elance. Often the clients who post jobs there are bargain hunters. They're looking for the lowest price rather than the highest quality. If you're going to transition from the budget work into the higher quality jobs, you're eventually going to have to stop relying on job boards to get your work, but that doesn't mean … [Read more...]