How to Keep from Being Overwhelmed by Your Email Inbox

After you've been freelancing for a few years, you may find that your email inbox is overflowing--even to the point where answering email messages threatens your daily productivity. Having an email account is vital to the success of most freelancers. After all, email is how many of us communicate with our clients. But, a disorganized email inbox can easily grow to become a time-sucking nightmare. This is … [Read more...]

The Importance of Maintaining Email Relationships for Freelancers

Maintaining good relationships is extremely important in business as well as in personal life. People who work from home, especially freelancers, need to maintain healthy relationships with people who can be beneficial for them in the future. The Internet has provided a lot of new platforms to people to interact on--but still, emails are of great benefit. Some freelancers (especially the new ones) think that … [Read more...]

Get More Subscribers With An Email Subscription Box

Many of us freelancers run blogs, and with good reason. Creating a blog is one of the best ways to prove your expertise, build a strong following, and get more clients. Making it easy for your readers to subscribe is a key factor in building this following and growing your blog, and it is a fact -- not all of your readers know how to use RSS. So are you missing out on potential subscribers without an email … [Read more...]