A Freelancer’s Ultimate Christmas Wish List

It's that time of the year again -- kids are making Christmas lists and dreaming about what they'll receive on Christmas morning. I thought it was time that we shared our own version of what many freelancers might like to receive. I've tweeted this question on Twitter and we've talked about it on the Freelance Folder Fan Page. Based partially on those responses and also on what I would like to receive … [Read more...]

5 Misuses of Social Media That Could Kill Your Freelance Business

Unless you've been living under a rock this year, you have witnessed the explosion of social media as a tool for marketing, networking and branding in new and exciting ways. What started out as a few different methods for communicating and sharing online with friends and family has spawned entirely new occupations, from social media marketers to brand management organizations to software applications for … [Read more...]

50+ Free Resources for Writers, Bloggers, And Other Freelancers

Do you maintain a blog for your freelance business? Are you a freelance writer, blogger, or someone who writes regularly? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this article is for you. From organization, to finding ideas, to doing the research -- there are dozens of free resources that can help you write better. In this post, we've found 50 that we think will be valuable to you. Here are 50 … [Read more...]

Does Your Business Have the Flu?

You've heard all about the real flu, but did you know that your freelance business could get sick too? A person with the flu doesn't feel very good. They ache all over. Their throat may be sore or they may have a headache. They typically don't even really want to get out of bed. Not only does a person with the flu not feel very good. Generally, they don't look very good either. They may be pale or flushed, … [Read more...]

Could You Compete In The Freelance Olympics?

Like many around the world, I’ve enjoyed watching the 2008 Summer Olympics. From the elaborate pageantry of the 2008 Olympics opening ceremony in Beijing to the incredible perseverance of the Olympic athletes, the Olympics represent an ideal of what humans can achieve if they try hard enough. Who hasn’t been touched by the struggles and triumphs if the Olympic Athletes? Even as the Olympics progress, … [Read more...]

Spreading Yourself Too Thin?

A lot of people start out by thinking that everything can be accomplished as a one man show, yet end up realizing that, at a certain point, things do tend to become overwhelming and, since we are only human and since the day only has 24 hours, acting accordingly is definitely a must. Analyzing Your Situation The first thing you need to do is analyze how things stand at this point as far as you are concerned. … [Read more...]

Online Entrepreneurs And Responsibility

As far as more than a few online entrepreneurs are concerned, someone else seems to always be at fault. They blame others for the fact that their projects haven't turned out as well as they had initially planned, they blame others for each and one of their flops as well as for the fact that they can never seem to catch a break. Is this really the way to go? Let's just say that for online entrepreneurs who … [Read more...]

Earning A Living Online ? From Myth To Reality

Even nowadays, there are still more than a few folks who think that a regular job is the only way to go and that earning a living online is nothing more than a myth. Is that a way of thinking which will get you anywhere, is selling your time the only possibility? Of course not, and thinking that having a job is the only way to go is just plain foolish. Sure, more than a few people end up believing something … [Read more...]

Are All Online Entrepreneurs In A Hurry?

The great thing about the Web is that everything, and I mean everything, is just one click away. If you're interested in finding information, all you have to do is enter a certain URL and, the same way, if you are interested in purchasing something, grab your credit card, visit an online store and there you have it. There are however drawbacks and perhaps the most important one is the fact that people who are … [Read more...]

Open Thread: What Do You Wish You Knew When You Started?

"Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward." - Vernon Law The admissions office for the School of Hard Knocks is always open, and we've all taken our share of courses there. And while you wear your battle scars with pride, it's always nicer to avoid the pain when possible. If you could send a message back to yourself when you just started out on the freelancing / … [Read more...]