The Facebook Fan Page Recipe — 0 to 1000 Fans In 35 Days

If you are a regular Freelance Folder reader, then you already know we recently created a Facebook fan page for Freelance Folder. Our fan page has been live since October 6th, 2009 — and on November 10th, about 35 days later, we reached the one thousand fan milestone. In this post we'll show you how we did it (and how you can do it too). Before I share some of the things we did to grow the fan page at such a … [Read more...]

FreelanceFolder is (Finally) on Facebook!

It's been a long time in coming, but I'm very happy to announce that we've finally created a FreelanceFolder fan page on Facebook :-) The page was set up a few days ago, by the talented Ritu B. Pant, and already we've had over 150 freelancers join the new community. You can find Myself, Ritu, Laura, and many other freelancers there, so if you're interested in interacting through a different medium, I highly … [Read more...]

Exposed: Facebook Sends More Traffic Than Twitter

Are you a freelancer, blogger or business owner with a website? Do you want to get more traffic? This article will compare the traffic sent by Facebook VS the traffic sent by Twitter, and suggest some ideas that you may want to invest in -- like building up your Twitter and Facebook profiles. You may be surprised to know that Facebook sends more traffic (& comments) than Twitter, but here is the big … [Read more...]