My 12 Biggest Freelancing Fears That Didn’t Come True

Fear kept me from freelancing for a long time. Colleagues and even acquaintances would comment on how my skills were perfect for becoming a freelancer and still I hesitated. I just "knew" something major and bad would happen if I left my comfortable corporate job for the uncertainty of freelancing. Well, it turns out that I was wrong about something bad happening. I've been freelancing for over nine years … [Read more...]

3 Easy Ways for Freelancers to Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs

There is sometimes a striking discrepancy between the idea of something and the practice of that same thing. For example, rarely does anyone argue the idea of the benefits of exercise. Yet, putting regular exercise into practice and making it part of our daily routine is a struggle for many. I think the same is true when it comes to the idea of our own potential. In the freelance world, don’t we aspire to the … [Read more...]