5+ Ways to Survive Freelancing Famine Periods

Any long-term freelancer will tell you that most freelancers go through ups and downs--periods of high pay and periods of low pay. But the feast or famine cycle can take new freelancers by surprise. While there are definitely some steps you can take to avoid the feast or famine cycle, for many freelancers the real questions is this--"How am I going to get through this slow period?" In this post, I'll … [Read more...]

Should You Ever Turn Freelancing Work Down?

Do you have more work than you can do right now? Here on Freelance Folder, we spend a lot of time talking about how to get more freelance work...and rightfully so. Many freelancers struggle to find freelance work. However, there's another side to freelancing that many experienced freelancers will attest to--freelance overload. This is the feast aspect of the infamous freelancing feast or famine … [Read more...]

Do Lower Rates Mean More Clients?

Here at Freelance Folder we publish an awful lot of posts on freelance rates. Some of our past posts on rates include: How to Set Your Freelance Rates Get Your Clients to Stop Comparing Rates 3 Reasons Your Rates Are Still Low (And How to Start Raising Them) Will You Raise Your Rates in 2010? 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Raise Your Rates Why You Must Quote a Ballpark Figure We discuss rates often … [Read more...]

Freelance Overload: How To Deal With Too Much Work

As freelancers we often face the dilemma of “feast and famine,” alternating between having too little work and too much. Here at Freelance Folder we’ve even written articles on how to avoid the cycle as well as help with avoiding the famine completely, but there will also be times when you are overwhelmed with work and more projects just keep falling into your lap. Having too much work is a better problem to … [Read more...]