7 Steps to Instant Motivation

Do you know the story of Pavlov’s dog? If not, very briefly it went like this. Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov would ring a bell and when his dog came bounding up to check it out, Pavlov would give him some meat to eat. He did this for some time before noticing that weirdly, the pooch started salivating as soon as he heard the bell ring and before he’d even seen the meat. Pavlov realized he had stumbled … [Read more...]

Staying Motivated Through the Years

A reader once asked me a very interesting question--how do I stay motivated  long-term when I don't receive any raises or benefits as a freelancer? This got me thinking hard--just how do I keep myself motivated? I was never really lucky enough to have a job with good benefits, bonuses or raises, so maybe the lack of these things doesn't bother me as much as someone who did have them at a full-time job. Or, … [Read more...]