14 Ways to Put Your Best Foot Forward

You don't get a second chance to make a good first impression, so make your first contacts count. Making a bad impression could cost you a client. It's often the first few minutes of any initial meeting that determine whether or not you get a prospect's business. Yet, many freelancers ignore the importance of leaving a good first impression--that's because they don't know how to make a good impression or they … [Read more...]

Are You Rude Online?

So, you're active online. You've got a blog, multiple social media profiles, an online portfolio--and you keep everything updated regularly. You're doing exactly what a freelancer should do (or so you think), but you're not getting any new clients. What could be the problem? There might indeed be something you're doing wrong, even when you seem to be doing everything right. Although having an online image is … [Read more...]