12 Free Healthy Apps for Freelancers and Others

You're committed to your freelancing business. You spend hours each day working on projects. You market your business diligently. You invest your money in software, hardware, and other business assets. You do all of this for your business, yet you overlook one very important business asset--your health. If you're not careful, your freelancing lifestyle may lead to some pretty unhealthy habits such as not … [Read more...]

What Freelancers Can Learn from Karate

I have studied Kenpo Karate for over 20 years. I earned my 2nd degree black belt in 2006. Throughout my career, I’ve noticed how the things I learned in karate class apply to my business life--especially my time as a freelancer. In this post, I'll share how some of the life lessons I learned in Karate apply to freelancing. I think you'll come to see that freelancing and karate aren't so different after … [Read more...]