Freelance Lessons Learned–Make Your Own Music

Before I became a full-time freelancer, I’d imagine my future career and split it into two phases: Pre-freelance (when I lacked clarity and direction) Post-freelance (which would be full of purpose and perfection) The reality was much different. Instead of leaving one life behind, I found that lessons from my previous career helped me in my new one. The most helpful lessons came from a surprising … [Read more...]

Freelance Marketing Inspiration from Famous Quotes

My computer's monitor shuffles between motivating quotes every 15 minutes. A while ago, I found this to be quite powerful for inspiring me and getting me started on my work. However, having same old, same old quotes display on my monitor stops working after a couple of weeks, or months. Every now and then I look around the web for new quotes to add to my personal kick in the "back" desktop wallpaper. … [Read more...]