10 Key Points Freelance Content Writers Must Embrace Now to Compete in the Future

If you're a freelance content writer who is used to taking shortcuts, your future writing career may be in jeopardy. Here's why--freelance writing is undergoing a dramatic change. The changes are partly due to the more sophisticated search engine algorithms, which are increasingly able to identify poor quality content and spam. The changes are also due to the growing respect for and recognition of … [Read more...]

Becoming a Better Freelance Writer–Lessons Learned from Failure

I started off with freelancing in college to pay the bills. The only jobs around campus paid too little, demanded too much. Since I had a minor in English literature, it was only fitting that I moonlight as a freelance writer (which also stoked my ambitions to become an author). This is my story of how I became a freelance writer and of what I learned in the process. … [Read more...]

Stress and the Freelance Writer

Writing in itself is probably not a difficult job, except when it comes to writing for money (especially if you aren't a celebrated writer who bags huge bucks for a couple of articles, or editorials). When you're focused on small freelance writing jobs like writing articles, blog posts, or press releases, there are certain demands that you need to meet. In fact, freelance writing requires immense focus, … [Read more...]

The Difference between Fluff and Interesting Content

Freelance writing sounds like a great way to improve your writing and make some money on the side. Many people who are truly interested in writing choose freelancing, because it allows them to write on a variety of subjects and get paid for it. Unfortunately, the reality is that freelancing rarely gives you the opportunity to write interesting content, or let you choose your own subjects. Because of this, … [Read more...]

How Should Freelance Writers Determine What Price to Charge?

One of the hardest things that any freelancer has to do is determine what to charge for his or her services. If you're a freelance writer (or if you hire freelance writers), then you may have a difficult time determining what the market price for writing is. Of course, your lowballing client would have you believe that nearly all writers work for practically nothing all--but, don't you believe them. A … [Read more...]

Twelve Cool Tools for Writers and Others

Are you looking for tools to help you write more efficiently and effectively? We've written about resources for freelance writers before. But, that list is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the tools that are available to help writers (and other freelancers). What follows is a list of twelve more helpful tools and resources. Whether you're a writer, a blogger, or a freelancer who owns a … [Read more...]

Deb Ng on Getting Started, Success, the Future, and More

If you're involved with freelance writing at all, then you've probably heard of Deb Ng. Deb runs the very popular Freelance Writing Jobs blog network. If you're a freelance writer and you're looking for work, Deb's blog is definitely a site you want to explore. Deb's also been a contributor at a number of other blogs (including this one) and has authored several eBooks. It's fun to look at a freelancing … [Read more...]