How to Avoid Freelancing Burnout

Here at Freelance Folder, we've talked a lot about freelancing burnout, from the warning signs of burnout to balancing freelancing with a full-time job without burning out. In this post, I'd like to explore the many ways we can avoid burning out in the first place. Work burnout is a physical, mental and psychological state of exhaustion. The name says a lot about what it feels like. When you're burnt out, … [Read more...]

Do You Recognize the Early Warning Signs of Freelancer Burnout?

You just love your job as a freelancer, but lately it seems like you really have to force yourself to get the work done. Perhaps you're getting sick all the time--you always catch whatever illness seems to be going around. Maybe you don't have any problems getting started on your projects, but seem to find yourself spending a lot of time on Facebook, or Twitter, or playing online games. If you can relate to … [Read more...]