What Freelancers Need to Know About Income Taxes

If you're a freelancer in the United States, it's time to think about income taxes again. There are some major differences between filing U.S. income taxes as an employee and filing them as a freelancer. Often, these differences take new freelancers by surprise--but it doesn't have to be that way. If you're a new to freelancing this year, or if you just need a reminder about some of the tax … [Read more...]

10 Income Tax Terms All U.S. Freelancers Must Learn

If you're a freelancer in the U.S., then you've probably either just completed your income tax return early, or you (like many of us) are still in the process of completing it before the April deadline. This post is for those of you who are still working on your tax return. The income tax return of a freelancer is notably different from the income tax return of a corporate employee. Whether you've been … [Read more...]

Open Thread: How Are You Handling Your Taxes This Year?

It's nearly tax time in the U.S. and that means decision time for many freelancers. It's time to decide how to handle income tax preparation. Freelancers have several options when it comes to income tax preparation. They can: Do it themselves Use tax software Hire a professional such as an accountant or bookkeeper Of course, each choice has its advantages and its disadvantages. … [Read more...]