14 Essential Elements of a Good Freelancing Blog

Do you know how to create an effective freelancing blog? While most seasoned freelancers know that blogging is an important way to promote their freelancing business, quite a few freelancers don't have any idea how to create an effective freelancing blog. You see, freelancing blogs are unique. While freelancing blogs are business blogs, they are not like corporate blogs. Nor are they like commercial … [Read more...]

How to Really Use Your Blog to Find Freelancing Jobs

An important part of my marketing strategy is my freelance writing blog. It serves as kind of an online home base for me. No matter what type of work I'm doing, wherever else I might be blogging, or how busy my workload is, I strive to keep my freelance writing blog updated with a new post every week. As a result of my efforts, I've received a number of inquiries from prospective clients (several of whom … [Read more...]