10 More Reasons Why Freelancing Is Not for You

On this blog, we normally encourage people to become freelancers. That's because we believe that for many people, freelancing offers a terrific combination of great opportunities and a great lifestyle. However, there are a few individuals who just aren't cut out to be freelancers (and that's perfectly okay). In this post, I list some characteristics that I've observed over the years of former freelancers … [Read more...]

Open Thread: What One Thing Makes or Breaks a Freelancer?

We've shared a lot about what we believe makes a freelancer successful. We've talked about mindset, talent, integrity, and customer service. We've even talked about factors outside of the freelancer such as having a great portfolio and using social media effectively. As freelancers ourselves, we know that all these things work because they've worked for us. But now it's your turn to chime in and tell us … [Read more...]