Use Your Unique Past to Build a Better Freelancing Business

You have a unique business tool that no other freelancer has--and you're probably not even aware of it. I'm talking about your unique background. Your past experiences are what make you, well you. They can also be a huge asset for your business. Consider this post from a freelancer who was a private investigator, or this post from a former belly dance teacher, or this one from someone with experience in … [Read more...]

15 Ways to Get Inspired

Inspiration is vital to freelancers. It is what makes our ideas stand out from those of our competition. Yet, if we're not careful, we can lose that inspiration. It happens to the best of us. We set aside time to work on a specific project and just aren’t feeling it. Instead of spending the day twiddling your thumbs or whittling your time away on Facebook and Twitter, try one of these approaches to get … [Read more...]

Staying Motivated Through the Years

A reader once asked me a very interesting question--how do I stay motivated  long-term when I don't receive any raises or benefits as a freelancer? This got me thinking hard--just how do I keep myself motivated? I was never really lucky enough to have a job with good benefits, bonuses or raises, so maybe the lack of these things doesn't bother me as much as someone who did have them at a full-time job. Or, … [Read more...]