Freelancing Problems–What Can Go Wrong?

What can go wrong with freelancing? The answer is that quite a lot can go wrong. Recently, a family member confessed to me that he was freelancing on a part-time basis in addition to his regular job. However, it was now over a month since he completed the work and he had not yet received payment. What's worse is that the client was talking about paying him half of what they originally agreed upon. To cap … [Read more...]

How to Deal with the Unique Challenges That Freelancers Face

Sure, everyone faces some challenges from time to time. But, due to the unique nature of freelancing perhaps freelancers are a bit more susceptible to some challenges than others. If you're properly prepared, though, you can handle most freelancing challenges that come your way while minimizing your stress. In this post, I'll outline some of the common challenges that freelancers face. I'll also discuss … [Read more...]

8 Worries That May Cause You to Miss Out on Your Freelancing Journey

Life's a journey, not a destination. You've probably heard this saying. It's a cliché that is as true for freelancing as it is for life. Many freelancers fail to really enjoy their freelancing journey because they're too caught up in worries about the future of their freelancing business. In this post, I'll list eight reasons why the stress of freelancing might keep you from the joy of freelancing. I'll … [Read more...]