Open Thread: What Software Tool Could You Not Do Without?

Most freelancers rely on their software tools to get things done. I'm sure you're no exception. Whether it's a tool that's general to business usage (such as an accounting package) or something specific to your field (such as a graphic design package), I'm sure there's one software tool that you absolutely couldn't run your business without. For me, I think that tool would probably be the Microsoft Office … [Read more...]

Find Your Forgotten Treasure

Everyone loves a treasure hunt! Movies, stories, and even games have been created around the concept of hidden treasure. The attraction is simple--somewhere that nobody expects something very valuable is hidden. It can be fun to watch a movie about a treasure hunt or to take part in a scavenger hunt, but did you know that you may be overlooking things of value to your freelancing business? In this … [Read more...]

29 Must-Read Freelancing Blogs from the Freelancing Community

Here at Freelance Folder we've shared a lot of blog resources that are relevant to freelancers. That's because we believe that there's a lot of good information out there and we want you to know about it. However, it's been a while since we've published our last list of blogs, so I decided it was time to compile another list. This time, however, I wanted feedback directly from the freelancing community, so I … [Read more...]