Why the Shortest Route Isn’t Always the Best One

A few weeks ago, I had an appointment in another city. I plugged in my GPS, set it to find the shortest route to my destination, and I was ready to go. Or so I thought. Unfortunately, taking the "shortest" route used an extra hour. I wound up being late for my destination. My shortcut wound up being the worst way to go. I hear about freelancers taking shortcuts all of the time. At first glance, what … [Read more...]

Insider Secrets: Freelancing Shortcuts That Really Work

Let's be honest: freelancing isn't easy. It's not that it's actually hard to be a freelancer or do the work… it's the getting started, getting set up, getting clients, and getting a solid business foundation for sustainable growth that complicates everything. There's a lot more to freelancing than just… well, freelancing. So I've put together an insider guide to my favorite freelancing shortcuts that … [Read more...]