6 Reasons Why Freelancers Need to Exercise Self-Discipline

There's no doubt that freelancers need many skills that non-freelancers don't think about. It's not enough to simply be a good writer, a good designer, a good web developer (or whatever your specialty is). The need to have these other skills is one of the things that makes freelancing so difficult. Many blog posts have been written about a freelancer's need to market one's self, the need to manage one's … [Read more...]

30 Spooky Freelancing Practices

It's nearing Halloween in the U.S. Halloween is that time of year when many folks are thinking about ghosts, goblins, and other really scary things. However, some bad freelancing practices are scary all year round. A chill always goes up the back of my spine whenever I read about a freelancer engaging in any of these bad freelancing practices because I know that these practices can really harm a freelancing … [Read more...]

What’s the Single Best Thing You’ve Ever Done for Your Freelancing Biz?

Every so often, a freelancer will make a decision that takes their freelancing to the next level. It could be something that helped them find clients, charge more, get more work done, or become better in their field. For this post, I asked some of my freelancing friends to identify the best thing they'd ever done for their freelancing business. I was surprised at the wide variety of answers I received. … [Read more...]

How to Become a Successful Freelancer When You’re “Different”

“Currently, I am a teacher, but want to make the gradual transition from the classroom to the freelance commercial writing arena,” an aspiring freelancer recently emailed me. “However, because I lack a marketing background, I am concerned that clients may be hesitant to hire me. How can I transition from academia to this type of writing career?” That’s a valid concern—one that some of you may also have if … [Read more...]

10 Hidden Skills of Successful Freelancers

Anyone who's spent any time freelancing knows far too well that there is much more to it than simply doing that thing you love whenever you want in your pajamas. The truth is that a freelancer must become the equivalent of a business owner in many ways, and there are a number of other requirements that extend beyond that job title as well. In this post, I will point out some of the hidden skills that a … [Read more...]

The Freelancing Success Code

Freelancing is hard work, but it's not impossible. While most successful freelancers work extremely hard (which usually means putting a significant effort into their business), those who are serious about freelancing usually find that the effort is well worth it. Yet, a surprising number of would-be freelancers are stuck. They don't know how to start freelancing and once started they don't know how to … [Read more...]