What’s the Single Best Thing You’ve Ever Done for Your Freelancing Biz?

Every so often, a freelancer will make a decision that takes their freelancing to the next level. It could be something that helped them find clients, charge more, get more work done, or become better in their field. For this post, I asked some of my freelancing friends to identify the best thing they'd ever done for their freelancing business. I was surprised at the wide variety of answers I received. … [Read more...]

Seven Days of Freelancing Tips

How quickly can you improve your freelancing business? As freelancers, we tend to think that improving our business is a huge effort that will eat up tons of time that we could be using to work on paid projects for clients. As a result, a lot of things that we should do to help ourselves and improve our freelancing business never get done. It's true that if you set out to do every single thing (or even … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Summer

Well, summer has officially arrived in North America. In our area, most kids are out of school. The neighborhood pools are open. And, it seems like everyone’s on vacation or mentally checked out. For many freelancers, summers can be tough. With so many clients on vacation, projects get put on hold. Tracking down prospects can be difficult. It also seems like no one wants to make a decision because “Pam is … [Read more...]