The Straight Scoop on How to Create an Effective About Page

With all of the excitement about content marketing, many freelancers have forgotten about a basic website element--the About page. While there's no doubt that content marketing is important and freelancers can definitely benefit from using a content strategy, don't overlook your About page. Your About page is an excellent chance to tell your story. Not only that, readers who check your About page are … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Build a Better Website

By now you realize how important your website is to promoting and marketing your freelancing business. Your business website positions you as an authoritative and skilled freelancer in your field. It captures leads into an automated email service or customer relations management software. It provides information to visitors who may be interested in hiring you. It answers their basic questions, so you don't … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Freelancing Website More “Cutting Edge”

Do you ever get the feeling that, because you're a freelancer, much is expected of you? For example, because we're freelancers and not regular employees, most people expect us to be unconventional, bold, independent, and creative. The words "cool" and "hip" may even be appropriate to describe most freelancers. In the same vein, freelancers' websites--being representations of ourselves online--are also … [Read more...]