12 Must-Read Freelancing Predictions for 2012

Don't you wish you could see into the future of freelancing? If you could, you'd know what freelancing trends are coming up and what niches to concentrate on. You'd be ahead of the game on social media too. But seeing into the future, like mind reading, is an imprecise art (at best). However, it is possible to make some educated guesses about the future of freelancing based on current trends. So, that's … [Read more...]

Are There Too Many Freelancers?

Finding freelance work can be tough, especially if you're just starting out or not too well known in the community. A lot of people try to find some clients for a few weeks and when they can't, they give up and think that there's just too much competition for jobs out there today. But is there? If you're looking for work locally, then it's entirely possible that your market is already overly saturated, but I … [Read more...]

Ed Gandia on a Day to Recognize Freelancers Everywhere

Freelancers work hard. Very few people realize how hard we work. Now, however, there's a day to recognize all freelancers. If you've been a freelancer for any length of time, you probably know the name Ed Gandia. Not only is he one of the regular contributors here on Freelance Folder, but he's also one of the co‚Äďauthors of the helpful book, The Wealthy Freelancer. Ed has another project up his sleeve, … [Read more...]