Easy Accounting Tools for Your Freelance Business

How badly do you hate accounting? Yeah, me too. We certainly can't avoid it. But, we can automate it with some really slick and easy-to-use accounting tools. Let's take a look so you can spend less time battling those numbers. A few weeks ago, we discussed the importance of streamlining your business with systems, software and automation. Today we are going to take a look at how to automate, quite … [Read more...]

Why Your Worst Clients Should Still Get Your Best Service

Recently I have been involved in a few different discussions with other freelance designers in which I have noticed an unsettling trend: at some point in the conversation the topic turns to client horror stories. It usually starts out with some type of question about how the others would handle a particular situation that one is facing, but then it digresses to complaints about clients and the awful things they … [Read more...]

Save Money on Taxes by Deducting Your Office Expenses

As a freelancer, you can write off an amazing amount of your spending on your taxes. If you work from home, you can write off a percentage of your mortgage or rent and utilities. If you don't have a commute, you can write off the cost of transportation for any business errands you run. You can even write off membership dues for organizations related to your business. There are thousands of different … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Earn More Than the Average Freelancer

Most freelancers earn a pretty good income, nothing enormous, but still pretty good. And when you think about the freedom and independence of freelancing, the money is easily worth it. But what if it were possible to increase that income, and make a lot more than pretty good? Well, it isn't easy to do, but it definitely is possible. For those of you who are willing to try, here are 5 ideas to get you … [Read more...]

Open Thread: Do You Want to Stay Small or Grow Big?

The decision to become a freelancer is often a very personal one. We all have our individual situations, preferences, and abilities. We all have our individual goals. For some people, freelancing is a gateway to a larger business. Expanding and taking on more work is the name of the game. For others, freelancing is about following an individual passion. The goal is to refine and improve a small … [Read more...]

Who’s Really In Control Of Your Freelance Business?

The ideal of freelancing is to be your own boss, to set your own schedule, manage your own creativity and be responsible for your own budget. Sometimes though, the freelance life seems to do the opposite -- you end up working for multiple bosses who don't care about your personal world, yet still want to micro-manage your creative work. At the end of the day, it can feel like you don't really run your own … [Read more...]

Could You Compete In The Freelance Olympics?

Like many around the world, I’ve enjoyed watching the 2008 Summer Olympics. From the elaborate pageantry of the 2008 Olympics opening ceremony in Beijing to the incredible perseverance of the Olympic athletes, the Olympics represent an ideal of what humans can achieve if they try hard enough. Who hasn’t been touched by the struggles and triumphs if the Olympic Athletes? Even as the Olympics progress, … [Read more...]

You Don’t Realize How Talented You Are

We, as freelancers, are many times our own worst enemies. Through out my experiences, I've learned that artistic people tend to be the most analytical. Even to this day, I cringe a bit before pressing the send button when e-mailing a proof to a client. Yes, I am always proud of my work, but there is always that little bastard on my shoulder who whispers into my ear, 'You don't deserve to be in this industry. … [Read more...]

I Really Need to Find It!!! Resources And Tools For (pretty much) Everything

I am constantly looking for resources and places to go for fonts, articles, ideas and jobs. I asked Jon if I was the only one and he said no, we’re probably all like that. So I figured I should share some of the sites I have used and abused. These sites are all easy to navigate, and offer a wide range of services and resources. Whether you are in need of a new font or medical insurance that doesn’t cost an arm … [Read more...]

Life As A Web-Worker – Are You Disciplined?

What do you think motivates a person to quit his day job and go web working full time? Well, there are many reasons and each individual has his own story. But overall, I think one of the primary reason behind this decision is that we think we'll have more time for ourselves and our family, and we'll be our own boss. It's true that there is nothing like gaining total control of those 24 hours, however it's … [Read more...]