I’m A Light Bulb Flashing, Epiphanator To The Extreme! And My Business Shows It!

Oprah calls them epiphanies and my best friend calls them light bulb moments. Whatever they are called, they are the seeds of inspiration that lead us down the paths of success whether in our personal or professional lives. I used to ignore them as fleeting daydreams of things that would never happen, and then one day, the light bulb stayed on. And I figured out my subconscious was trying to tell me … [Read more...]

My 5¢ Advertisement

What’s black and white and read all over? I know, it’s an old one right? It’s a newspaper. But if you are looking at starting a new business or expanding on an existing one, I know an absolute guaranteed way to increase your business for the cost of one small nickel. No, I’m not shining you on either. That is the cost of producing a nice business card on quality stock. It is the smallest investment you will … [Read more...]

The Amazing Power of Personal Encouragement

As freelancers, we like to think of ourselves as being independent professionals who are pretty much able to get by totally on our own. We don’t really need help or feedback from others because, after all, we’re supposed to be beyond needing that. At least, I sometimes think of myself that way. I can personally testify, however, that receiving personal praise can make a tremendous difference in a … [Read more...]

The Best Business Secret That You Already Know

What if there was a way for you to increase customer satisfaction, get more repeat business, and multiply new business from referrals? You’d definitely want to take advantage of any technique that could do all of that, right? Good news! There actually IS a method of doing business that you can use to achieve all of those results. In fact, it is a method that you probably already know (but might have … [Read more...]

The Violent Truth Of Opportunity

If I hear one more freelance writer whining about how she can't find freelance gigs, I'm going to scream. I'm like anyone else. There are times when I'm likely to sit around hoping for a new opportunity to knock me over the head. Fact of the matter is, though, I've come to the place in my life and career where I realize something: opportunities aren't discovered, they are created. I understand what it … [Read more...]

Maximizing Results As A Way Of Thinking

I've written about why solid goals are the foundation you can build upon as far as productivity is concerned and I've also talked about why this process is one you cannot afford to neglect here on FreelanceFolder. This article will be all about analyzing things from the perspective of a person who is already on top of the goal setting process. In other words, this article will answer one of the most important … [Read more...]

How To Avoid the Feast-or-Famine Cycle

For many freelance professionals, the ebb and flow of projects is one of the most frustrating and nail-biting aspects of this line of work. One day you have more work than you can handle. You’re grilling steaks and sipping top-notch California Cabernet. The next day you’re questioning your worth as a freelance pro, wondering if anyone will ever award you another project. Back to grilled-cheese sandwiches … [Read more...]

Spreading Yourself Too Thin?

A lot of people start out by thinking that everything can be accomplished as a one man show, yet end up realizing that, at a certain point, things do tend to become overwhelming and, since we are only human and since the day only has 24 hours, acting accordingly is definitely a must. Analyzing Your Situation The first thing you need to do is analyze how things stand at this point as far as you are concerned. … [Read more...]

Is Your Body Language Sabotaging Your Success?

When you were a kid, did your parents constantly tell you to sit up straight and stop slouching or fidgeting? Some of my earliest memories involve just that scenario. I was always a fidgety kid; I never could sit still very long and the more I moved around the further down in the chair I’d go. Sound familiar? Now add in a few uhhhh’s and huh’s and it is a disaster waiting to happen. What Does Your Body Language … [Read more...]

Have You Done Your Spring Cleaning Yet?

Ah, Spring! Thoughts turn to pleasant weather, flowers blooming and the invariable task of spring cleaning. For most of the domestic goddess’s I know, this means dusting off, wiping down, and giving a fresh coat of paint to anything remotely connected to our lives. As a graphic designer, this regiment includes my office. My office is where I live and breathe and it sometimes shows. Research material for the … [Read more...]