How To Get The Vacation Time That You Sorely Need And Desperately Want

Vacation! The very word is enough to cause envy in most freelancers. Why would the word ‘vacation’ make freelancers envious? Quite frankly, many of us are afraid to take a vacation. We’re afraid that if we leave our business unattended for a few days we’ll lose clients to competitors. We’re afraid that we’ll fall behind on our projects and never be able to catch up. We’re afraid that we’ll miss applying … [Read more...]

How To Keep Mistakes From Ruining Your Freelance Career

“You made a mistake on that project!” Believe me, those are the very last words that any freelancer ever wants to hear. After all, mistakes mean rework and rework cuts into your profit (to say nothing of the effect on customer satisfaction). However, sooner or later, every freelancer does hear those words. How you respond to them could determine the future course of your freelancing career. I remember … [Read more...]

Let Your Creative Style Include How You Look – Dress For Success

Have you ever given thought to how your appearance plays into getting work as a freelancer? Maybe you should. Even though graphic designers, photographers and writers have fallen into a more casual style of dress, today’s business world demands a professional attitude as well as aptitude. If your idea of dressing for success includes a clean pair of holey jeans and a T-shirt spouting the latest rock band, … [Read more...]

5 Useful Things You Could Do Tomorrow

With my previous guest post, I have explained that there are all sorts of useless tasks which end up making maximizing results as far as your personal productivity level is concerned next to impossible. I have referred to 5 of the absolutely useless things which most people do on a daily basis and, as a logical follow-up, here are 5 extremely useful things which you could start doing tomorrow: 1) Get Up … [Read more...]

I Got My Roadmap! Do You?

Have you ever gone on vacation without the roadmap? Drives you nuts in short order, doesn’t it? You stop at the first gas station and pick one up and whoever is sitting in the navigator’s seat gets to studiously mark out the route. Or if you are lucky enough to have one of the newer vehicles equipped with navigation tools would you consider leaving home without having it hooked up ready to go? Probably not! … [Read more...]

The Most Critical Factor To Freelance Success: Taking Action

Launching a successful freelance business requires a certain degree of competence in your craft. It also requires goals, courage, determination, discipline and purpose. But over the years, I’ve come to realize that you need something else. Something more important. You need to continually take action. Even when you don’t yet have all the answers. And even when you don’t feel like it. The Mark of a Successful … [Read more...]

Do You Need A Contract For Freelance Work?

Do you have a contract for each freelance job that you accept? Conventional business wisdom suggests that no business arrangement should be entered into unless a signed contract is in place. You wouldn’t sell your car or hire someone to remodel your house without a contract in place, would you? At least that’s how conventional reasoning goes. Indeed, a year and a half ago, I would have answered the … [Read more...]

7 Common Misconceptions About Web-Working And Earning A Living Online

The thought of earning a living online does indeed seem quite appealing to more than a few folks and, just as with anything else which is that popular, there are a lot of misconceptions which you need to be aware of and here are 7 of the most common ones: Earning A Living Online is a Piece of Cake A lot of people seem to think that publishing a website is all there is to making money online but, fortunately … [Read more...]

Popular and Better – Synonyms or Misconception?

In today's society, where image is everything, it's definitely easy to get carried away and end up thinking that a popular product or service is automatically better as well. Let's try to look beyond the surface and ask ourselves if popularity should really be an important factor which needs to be taken into consideration when judging the quality of a certain product or service. Popularity - An Important … [Read more...]

How To Balance Freelancing With A Full-Time Job Without Burning Out

It is possible to effectively balance your full-time job with freelancing - without going insane or burning out. I do it, and in this post, I'll tell you how you can, too. Many of us begin freelancing while we are still employed in full-time jobs. Here are some requirements and tips for staying sane while working the 9-5 and freelancing on the side. Get help from others Calculate your total work … [Read more...]