Want More Gigs? Try Walking in Your Client’s Shoes…

Would you like to get more repeat business, positive references, referrals, and be genuinely appreciated by your clients? Of course you would. What freelancer wouldn't like to get more gigs? Even if you are very busy right now, it's always good to get a positive reference from a client. But how can you accomplish this? How can you get more business from clients and make a favorable impression on … [Read more...]

Adding a FAQ Page to Your Website Can Get You More Clients & Save Time

Does your business blog or portfolio page have a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page? If your answer is "no," you could be losing potential clients and wasting valuable time. In this post, we'll discuss an easy way to add a FAQ link to your business blog. We'll also talk about the information you should include on your FAQ page. … [Read more...]