Would You Hire Yourself?

In a previous life as an operations manager, I used to have the responsibility of hiring new employees. One of the first questions I would ask in the interview was "Would you hire yourself?" Of course, the quick, knee-jerk response was always yes, but it took a little while longer for replies to the following question, "Why?" Although freelancers have the joy of claiming we are no one's employee, we have the … [Read more...]

Would You Hire This Freelancer?

Can a single sentence really make the difference between you being hired for your next freelance job and you being flat-out rejected? Here's an example of how it can, directly from the horse's mouth... Recently, I needed to hire a stellar user interface designer for my startup company. I needed someone with tons of experience, and was willing to pay well for it. Most importantly, I had a sketch and a … [Read more...]