Found Money, Lost Money, and Freelancing

Have you ever unexpectedly found money? I know that I have. I once reached into the pocket of a coat I hadn't worn in a long time and found a crisp ten dollar bill that I didn't know that I had. I still remember how I felt when I found the money. It was a happy surprise. Almost immediately I started to plan how I would use my unexpected bounty. The opposite of finding money is losing money, and believe … [Read more...]

Why All Freelancers Really Need a LinkedIn Profile

So, you understand that participating in social media is important for your freelancing business--that's a great start. Let me ask you something else. Do you currently have a profile on LinkedIn? If you answered "no," then you may be missing a great opportunity to market yourself to the very businesses that you're trying to reach. In this post, I'll discuss some of the benefits freelancers can find … [Read more...]

How to Ace Your Next Freelancing Job Interview

Most people don't realize it, but freelancers frequently face interviews. Unlike a traditional employee, who may go years without being interviewed once they have been hired, a freelancer may face an interview nearly every time a prospect considers them for a project. So, good interview skills are an important part of a freelancer's arsenal. In this post, I'll provide some tips to help freelancers prepare … [Read more...]

How to Attract Your Target Clients

We've talked before about choosing the kind of work and clients you want to work with. Knowing who you want to work with is great, but how do you find them? We're lucky enough to be in an industry where there's no shortage of work, but a lot of that work isn't worth our time and effort, so it's important that we remain somewhat picky with who we decide to work with. Attracting your target client instead of … [Read more...]

Landing That First Online Job by Using a Bidding Site

Are you new to freelancing online and having trouble landing that first job? It’s not as difficult as you might think. Within 24 hours of signing up with an online bidding site, I landed my first job (though I’m sure my past experience as an offline freelancing artist gave me a little help.) Here's what I’ve done to succeed and what I did may help you as well. … [Read more...]

Would You Hire This Freelancer?

Can a single sentence really make the difference between you being hired for your next freelance job and you being flat-out rejected? Here's an example of how it can, directly from the horse's mouth... Recently, I needed to hire a stellar user interface designer for my startup company. I needed someone with tons of experience, and was willing to pay well for it. Most importantly, I had a sketch and a … [Read more...]