Hot Google+ Tips for Freelancers

If you've jumped on the Google+ bandwagon, you may be wondering, "Ok, what next?" By now, you know it's a lot like Facebook, but with some cooler features like Hangouts. Plus, unless you've gone crazy and added thousands to your circles, it isn't as noisy as Twitter--yet. So how exactly do you use Google+ to (a) make it a tool for finding clients, and (b) keep it from sucking up any more of the time you're … [Read more...]

20 of the Best Google+ Guides and Tutorials to Get Freelancers Up and Running

Early this week, my Twitter and Facebook streams were filled with offers for invites to Google+. What? Yet another social networking platform to take up my time and attention? But it's from Google--therefore, you can't lightly brush it off as a flash in the pan. In fact, no sooner had I joined Google+ when I started seeing emails from marketers publicizing their Google+ links so I could follow them. In … [Read more...]