Two Great Reasons to Fire Your “Good” Clients

This was a banner year for me as a freelance writer—it was the year I started firing clients. And not just the ones who were difficult, unreasonable, or downright rude. Severing those types of relationships should be a no-brainer if you’re going to maintain your sanity as a freelancer. This year, I went one step further and found the courage to fire the ones who—although perfectly civil, reliable, and easy … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why You MUST Move Out of Your Comfort Zone

Freelancing is great, isn't it? If you've been freelancing for several years, you may be pretty comfortable by now. You've got an established client base--folks who come to you regularly when they need something done. You know and like them and they know and like you. Plus, you've found your ideal niche and as a bonus, you're really good at it. The niche work that you do is just challenging enough to hold … [Read more...]

Transitioning from Freelancing to a Large Company, What’s the Next Step?

There are dozens of differences between freelancers, small businesses and businesses that are large corporations. But, to the blind eye, no differences are noticeable. Many questions could be asked about the differences concerning employees, revenue, policies and processes, but how do you really know when it is time to take the next step? How do you know when to grow your small freelancing single proprietor … [Read more...]