Dealing With Dark Moods Of Freelancing

Dark moods of freelancing have got nothing to do with the times your work isn't going great or when you don't turn in even a single project on time. You might be getting ten business inquiries per day (which for most, if not all, of us is a lot) and traffic to your website may be reaching new heights, dark moods can hit you just out of the blues; you suddenly lose interest in every work-related activity … [Read more...]

Simple Time Management Tools Are Best

Over the years I've come into contact with various and sundry time management tools. I used the Covey system, a host of day timers, and even tried inventing my own tools. I finally gave up on time management because I didn't want to put my life in a box. I figured if I ran out of time to do all the things I wanted to do on a certain day then I'd just pick up again the next day. I finally just started making … [Read more...]

Keep Your Batteries Charged – How To Minimize And Manage Stress

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, chances are there are times where you find your work stressful. Even worse, if you are like most Americans, the line between your work and “home” has been invariably blurred due to changing demographics and improvements in communications technology. The NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) report cites the following statistics relating to … [Read more...]