12 Gifts Most Freelance Designers Only Dare to Dream About

Sure, there are a number of items you could purchase and wrap up to place beneath your beloved freelance designer's tree that would bring a smile to their face and warm their heart. Anyone can take a trip to the local art supply or computer store, or shop online for that perfect gift. I don't intend to discourage you from expressing your appreciation in such a wonderful way. But, if you'd like to blow the … [Read more...]

Six Awesome Gifts Especially for Your Favorite Freelance Developer

It's that wonderful time of year again--the holidays, Christmas and a time for giving. When shopping for your favorite developer (that's me, right?), it might be tough trying to figure out what to get them. After all, it might seem like we developers have everything from iPads to Androids to big screen LCDs. So let's take a look at this season's most desirable gifts--or, at least, the gifts I wouldn't mind … [Read more...]