Designing a Dream Home Office

One of the best investments I've made into my business wasn't a fancy gadget or a shiny new toy. It was my office. It's interesting to see how many freelancers just work wherever they can, be it the local Starbucks, a spare bedroom or even the kitchen table. From my experience though, it's extremely important to have a nice dedicated space,¬†preferably¬†filled with your favorite things. While I don't do any … [Read more...]

There’s More to Freelancing Than Working from Home

There are two types of freelancers. On one hand are those who have been forced into self-employment as service providers, because they've lost their jobs and are having a hard time finding another one. On the other hand are those who would be freelancing no matter what: even if the job market were booming, and even if the Internet weren't around to give so many opportunities to work from home. They would … [Read more...]