How to Be a Professional Freelancer

I get asked the question almost every day: "Just how does one become a freelancer?" While most sites will post a boring write-up on being on time, being nice and networking, I'm here to tell you the "real" nitty gritty of just what it takes to become a "real" professional freelancer. Here's your very own copy of the Professional Freelancer's Guide To Professional Freelancing. But beware, ignore these … [Read more...]

10 Totally Imaginary Freelancing Tools We Wish Really Existed

You've been working hard all week at freelancing, and so have I. It's time to have some fun! If you've ever wished there was a tool to make freelancing easier, this post is for you. We'll take a humorous look at ten freelancing tools that don't exist (as far as I know, LOL), but we wish did. At the end, I'll also ask for your suggestions for new freelancing tools. So, read on, and don't forget to … [Read more...]

What to Say When They Ask You What You Do for a Living

You're at a class reunion, meeting with people you haven't seen in years. You're having a great time when suddenly, without warning, it happens. The question you've been dreading... "Where do you work now?" What exactly should you say? Do you need to go into a long-winded explanation of how you started a freelancing business? You're stumped. New freelancers, especially, have been known to choke on these … [Read more...]

You Know You’re a Freelancer When…

Sometimes it's difficult to tell whether you're a true freelancer or just someone doing some work on the side. The distinction is an important one, because you're expected to act differently as a freelancer--and by act differently I mean work longer hours, become a vampire and lose your social circles. But fear not, I'm giving you a trusty guide to settle the dilemma.....are you a freelancer or not? (and … [Read more...]

Over 15 Very Funny Posts & Other Links to Make You Laugh About Freelancing

One of the best ways that we freelancers have to unwind and relax after a hard day of freelancing is to laugh. And laugh we do. The freelancing blogosphere is filled with funny posts about what it's like to be a freelancer, about the freelancing life, and about freelance clients. In fact, the ability to laugh about ourselves and our situation can keep us going. It also helps us bond together as a freelancing … [Read more...]

An (Unofficial) Client Rating Scale

As a freelancer, I have witnessed many different relationships that my peers and I have with our clients. Some clients we love, while others we rant endlessly about. Some freelancers badmouth their most difficult clients, while others only sing the praises of their favorites. But, we all know that without clients we would not be able to support our freelance businesses. Therefore, we must learn to work with, … [Read more...]