Why Freelancers Should Get Published

At the recent International Freelancers Day virtual conference, one theme that struck me was the importance of creating and publishing content. Many of the experts discussed, in various angles, why getting published would be good for freelancers. Anne Handley's presentation, Content Rules, was in fact all about content and how to create it well. Day Poynter talked about writing a book and getting published. … [Read more...]

Ed Gandia on a Day to Recognize Freelancers Everywhere

Freelancers work hard. Very few people realize how hard we work. Now, however, there's a day to recognize all freelancers. If you've been a freelancer for any length of time, you probably know the name Ed Gandia. Not only is he one of the regular contributors here on Freelance Folder, but he's also one of the co‚Äďauthors of the helpful book, The Wealthy Freelancer. Ed has another project up his sleeve, … [Read more...]