Not Using Your Phone Could Be Holding You Back

Are you afraid of using your phone ? Well, maybe you're not really afraid. But spending your precious time on a phone call while a client or prospect beats around the bush about what they want to do probably isn't your number one choice for spending a morning. I can totally relate. However, if you have a tendency to avoid talking to prospects and clients on the phone, that tendency could be holding your … [Read more...]

Why You Are Losing Clients (How to Stop)

We spend a lot of time on Freelance Folder talking about marketing. That is because good marketing is very important to a freelancer's success. It is important to get those clients in the door and signed up for your products or services if you are going to earn enough to really support yourself as a freelancer. For some freelancers, though, that "in" door is actually a revolving door. If this is you, it may … [Read more...]