How to Fit Freelancing Into the Rest of Your Life

Freelancing is not just a job, it's a lifestyle. You've probably heard that statement before, and in a sense, it's true. But lifestyle or not, one of the biggest struggles that freelancers face is balancing work and life. This is ironic, because the search for work/life balance is one of the primary motivators that drives many to freelancing. Is work/life balance really possible? The answer is … [Read more...]

Part-Time Freelancing–Is It Worth It?

The growing number of freelancers seems to be a hot topic. Nearly every week I read a news story about how there are more freelancers than ever before (although nobody seems to know for sure exactly how many there are). What most of those articles don't mention is that a sizable number of freelancers are part-time freelancers. That means that they have another job and freelance on the side or that they work … [Read more...]

Is a Balanced Lifestyle Really Even Possible for a Freelancer?

The three motivators that cause most freelancers to start freelancing are a search for balance in their life, a desire to build and expand a business, or a desire to earn more money. All of these motivations can be achieved through freelancing, but it is often the first one--a desire for balance--that seems to be the most elusive for many freelancers. And often, balance seems incompatible with the other … [Read more...]

Why You Need to Get Out from Behind Your Computer Today

One of the best things about freelancing is that you can work from home. There's no real need to leave your house or commute to anywhere to get your work done. For most of us, this means money saved on transportation costs such as gasoline and wear and tear on your car. One of the best things about freelancing can also become one of the worst things, if you don't make an effort to stay engaged in activities … [Read more...]